[MEGA] 3DS Legit Cia Collection (Mainly PAL)

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[MEGA] 3DS Legit Cia Collection (Mainly PAL)

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 20, 2016 1:56 pm

Here's a link to a MEGA folder containing a bunch of legit cias. They're mainly PAL (European Consoles) only, but the Pokemon games are region free.

Legit Cia folder link:
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These can be installed on 3DS consoles that are on firmware 10.3 or less. No custom firmware is needed, you just simply need to use a homebrew app. FBI or NASA can be used. I've used FBI before, so here are some quick tips on how to use it.

1.) Use Menuhax to bottom into the FBI app. As far as I know, it doesn't work through other entrypoints.
2.) After initially loading FBI, wait until it says 'Done' (not in glitched writing) and press A as quickly as possible. If you are now in the FBI menu, congratulations! Your games will almost 100% be likely to install! (As long as you have enough space on your SD/ Micro SD card.)
3.) If you get glitched writing, it doesn't say 'Done' or after pressing A it doesn't load into the menu, turn your console off and try again.
4.) If you boot into the menu before it says 'Done' you will get into the menu, but the games will not install.
5.) After installing your game, the file will now be located in the 'Nintendo 3DS' folder. So you can delete the cia you used to initially install the game, to create space on your SD card.
6.) If you need more space on your SD card, you can delete the game, and then re-install it later from the Nintendo e-shop.

I haven't tried NASA before, but a lot of the steps above should apply to it too.
Feel free to ask questions if you're having trouble. Wink


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